Singapore Wei Eng Dragon & Lion Dance Centre was established on October 2002, founded by Alex Lee with a group of athletes who shares the common passion in promoting Chinese traditions and cultural performing arts of lion and dragon dance performance.


We believe that the foundation of an excellent performance starts with well coordinated details and executing them accordingly. Our goal is to design and carry out, events that meet our clients needs and desires. We approach all events with dedication and creativity providing traditional and/or contemporary lion dance performances. Contemporary packages can be customized to match your needs for the particular event.

Let us make your event an unforgettable one. We hope to be able to service you. When we do, we will ensure you and your guests can enjoy a pleasant and memorable experience. 


Over the years, our team have been participating actively in various performance such as grand openings, corporate events, festive celebrations and so on. Through engagements by our clients and participation through competitions, our team have gained recognition locally and overseas.

Our team consists of athletes who are professional, well-disciplined and experienced. We strongly believe in developing values and skills that are useful in life. Teamwork, discipline, endurance and leadership are the essential values we hope to instill in our members. As a cultural sport, we promote these key qualities through vigorous training’s and fun times shared between our members.

Your one-stop lion dance event specialist
— Singapore Wei Eng Dragon & Lion Dance Centre